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Kids Cottage has been making connections with the community of Gladesville, Hunters Hill and the surrounding suburbs for over 20 years, collaboratively caring for and educating children from infants through to pre-school age.

Approved Service Provider

Kids Cottage is an approved long day care service with a preschool program rated Exceeding National Quality Standard in all quality areas for both Gladesville ECEC & Hunters Hill ECEC.

Families have peace of mind knowing and trusting Kids Cottage is regulated under the National Quality Framework (NQF) which includes: Educational and Care Services National Law. Further, Regulations under that Law and an important part of the Regulations is a National Quality Standard linked to Belonging, Being & Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) overseen by ACECQA and administered (monitored, regulated, assessed and rated) by the Early Childhood Education Directorate, NSW Department of Education.

To families using our service, being an Approved Service Provider means under the Families Assistance Law, receives and passes on Child Care Subsidy payments to eligible families to reduce the cost of child care.

Highly Qualified Educators

The following is our Philosophy regarding Professionals and Educators used to guide practice and to help support children’s well-being, learning and development in our early childhood education and care service;

Making wise decisions about children’s experiences requires deep and broad knowledge in a range of areas. Putting this knowledge into practice demands that professionals and educators have a number of skills, attitudes and sensitivities, which are gained best by completing a formal course of study in early childhood education and care.
To provide excellent children’s services requires that a significant proportion of people who work directly with young children have substantial formal qualifications.

To participate throughout their time with service in a variety of experiences that increase their knowledge and skills and help them to look critically at their practice and to improve continuously.

Play-based Curriculum and Program

Kids Cottage provides an enriching ‘play based’ learning environment as a context for learning through which children organise and make sense of their social worlds, as they engage actively with people, objects and representations.

Through play, formerly qualified and experienced educators respond to the individual interest, strength and needs of all children in the group with a focus on optimising the development and learning potential of the ‘whole child’.

Kids cottage acknowledges this process begins as early as prenatal stage through to a successful Transition to School and to Life. Thus, Kids Cottage motto is “Ready for Kindy, Ready for Life”.


Kids Cottage has been delivering quality education and care programs for the community for over 20 years and its success is built on the practice of positive interrelationships and partnerships formed with the community.

Education & Care Program

Kids Cottage program and dynamic and progressive curriculum approach to education is based on the approved learning framework and delivered in accordance with that framework, Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia that recognise children learn from birth.

Our Vision and Mission

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2022 enrolments are open.

Given the ever-increasing demand for places at our service we recommend that parents place their child on our waiting list as soon as possible. This entails the completion of an online application form at no cost.