Best of luck to our 2018 Graduates

Kids Cottage community was in force again to celebrate the wonderful year across all age groups and congratulate the 2018 graduates for Kindergarten. From our perspective, this occasion brings mixed feelings. It certainly is a very sad but also proud moment for all and wish the graduates best of luck for their first year at school.

The graduates demonstrated values we hope all children learn when they leave Kids Cottage such as; respect; independence; perseverance & resilience and this reflected the learning and development shared and acquired here at Kids Cottage in partnership with the familes. It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to meet you all and your family and establish positive interactions and relationships and hope lifelong friendships.

We hope the experiences, emerging knowledge and skills shared and gained here at Kids Cottage such as understanding routines, life skills, leadership skills, and respect for self and others combined with your growing confidence, autonomy and continued family support has set a solid foundation in preparation for your next journey in life and for many successful years to come. I refer to your next challenge that of life and Kindergarten and strongly feel your development across all outcomes will continue thriving as you continue to apply a positive attitude and sense of self and belief that you are powerful and capable. But remember with great power comes great responsibility like preparing your own clothes and lunch and helping mum and dad around the house and don’t forget to pack up after yourself.

Thank you for allowing us to be able to play a part in your important early years and help make a positive contribution to your developmental journey and getting off to a good start at school. We hope our friendship is life long and ask that you keep in touch. Actually, we look forward to seeing you in your uniform and perhaps later in the year you can share your Kindergarten experience with the new Busy Bees.