Online Wait List

Kids Cottage provides families with the ease of an online waitlist product, which allows families to enter their own details and requests; these are then generated into our waiting list system.

It should be noted that completing a waitlist application form and being placed on the waiting list does not automatically guarantee a child a place at the service.


Application and confirmation

Families are able to access our online waitlist product via our website, allowing them to enter and change their personal details and requirements should their circumstances vary during the time they are on our waitlist. Families are then sent regular updates in relation to their status on our waiting list, information about our service and the option to add or remove children as they wish. The Approved Provider monitors the waiting list.


Offer of a Place

Offers of places occur throughout the year after consideration of access guidelines and availability of a place. The majority of offers are made between August and November  for the following year. This occurs once the re-enrolments of existing families have been confirmed. If you are offered a place via the online waiting list and accept the offer, an Enrolment Confirmation New Families letter will be sent to you along with an enrolment package, which includes the service’s Family/Guardian Handbook and are invited to ask questions and provide feedback or suggestions and arrange for an enrolment visit.

Register Now

If you are satisfied with the provided information about our services please complete the online waiting list application form below. 

  • Online form applies to both our Gladesville and Hunters Hill services
  • No fees apply for being on our waiting list.
  • When you have completed the online application form, you will not be contacted unless we have a place to offer.

Waitlist FAQs

Will my child be given priority for child care services?

We understand that getting your child into quality child care is an important priority. Sometimes, there may be a waiting list and to ensure the system is fair, the Australian Government has ‘Priority of Access Guidelines’.

What are the Priority of Access Guidelines?

The guidelines only apply to approved child care. They are used when there is a waiting list for a child care service as is the case with Kids Cottage or when a number of parents are applying for a limited number of vacant places. Every approved child care service has to abide by the guidelines and tell you about them when you enrol your child into care.

Priority 1—a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect.

Priority 2—a child of a parent (or both parents if you have a partner) who satisfies the Government’s
work, training, study test (for the purposes of the priority of access guidelines)*.

Priority 3—any other child.

The following link to DESE-Priority of Access Guidelines for child care services explains the principles of the allocation of child care places under the Family Assistance Law: https://www.dese.gov.au/early-childhood-and-child-care-case-studies/resources/priority-access-guidelines-child-care-services.