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Vision and Mission


To provide the highest quality education and care service, supporting children to realise their potential for the present and laying a foundation for the rest of their life, whilst also advocating for a learning and caring community.


Advocate to the community a commitment to upholding the rights of the child and the value of early childhood services that exist in the interest of children’s well-being, development and learning and; to engage children meaningfully in experiences with their world and the world around them that promotes the desires and attitudes for learning and the curiosity and skills to explore and investigate in an environment that enhances and supports the development of positive respectful life-enhancing relationships between peers, children, adults and the physical natural environment within the context of a culturally diverse community.  To provide, promote and sustain an ecological environment.


The centre believes:

  • Children’s services are significant institutions in the broader community
  • Parents and the community share responsibility for all children
  • The child is a citizen with rights and responsibilities
  • Care and education are interwoven and inseparable, making it inappropriate to label our service, or even parts of the day in the life of a program, as educational, and others as care
  • The roles of professionals and educators working with children and their families are complex and require depth and breadth in the skills, knowledge and attitudes required
  • Collaboration in respectful relationships is paramount and superior to individualistic competition

These beliefs have implications for a model of a democratic society and working in our children’s service is a moral and ethical endeavor and as such is based on values

Children’s Transition for Life and School

Practice based on our framework helps children manage life outside our education and care setting, including school. It does this in several major ways by promoting a holistic approach to learning and development. It is therefore our short and long term aim to achieve the practice of promoting a successful transition to life and school for each individual child and for the community.

Our motto is “Ready for kindy, ready for life!”

Experiences and Provisions for Children

Providing for an environment that in itself teaches in ways that encourage each child to make choices and participate in play which is in itself an acknowledgment that children are capable and resourceful. This will further integrate every aspect of the child’s development to facilitate reaching their full potential.

Respect for Children

We believe the children are citizens in both the children’s service community and the larger community, giving the children the rights and responsibilities accompanying citizenship.

Investment is made in children’s learning and lives because they matter in the present rather than potential future benefits. Also at the same time, their learning is assumed to be a foundation for the rest of their life. We believe in providing an enriching high-quality, caring, and emerging learning curriculum and facilities with trained teachers and educators practicing and re-adjusting to continually improve our high-quality care in collaboration with families and other members of the community.

Honouring Diversity

The centres enriching curriculum is created and influenced by the teaching and caring techniques as determined by the belief in equity consideration with regards to Race and Culture, Gender; Disability and additional needs

Family Involvement

Parents and families are the most important people in the children’s lives and have the biggest influence on their learning. This is why it is paramount to encourage and support the parent-child relationship and family involvement in every aspect of the service throughout the process and practice of relationships with families.

Community Involvement

Community building is also critical to the teaching and learning experiences within our centre. Children of all age groups will are given the opportunity to be aware of the community within and outside the centre. The centre plays the role of a family support service linking the families to local community services when in need of support.

The centre recognises that education is living and life. A visit to places and people in the community creates an authentic experience and at the same time the children become visible in, and to, the community.

Our location provides us with an excellent opportunity to respond spontaneously, both to children’s interest and particular events happening within the community, and the opportunity of making children visible to the community

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2022 enrolments are open.

Given the ever-increasing demand for places at our service we recommend that parents place their child on our waiting list as soon as possible. This entails the completion of an online application form at no cost.